Tournament Details

Pitches for PKU: 6th Annual Wiffleball Tournament 

  • When: Saturday, September 9, 2023
  • Where: Sutcliffe Park, Conshohocken, PA
  • Family friendly – All skill levels welcomed
  • Sign-in Begins: 9:00 AM
  • First Pitch: 10:00 AM
  • Team Entry Fee: $150 per team. Team can be between 2-5 players.
  • Entry Fee Includes: Team entrants are guaranteed to play 3 games minimum during the day’s competition. Top teams will then advance to a single elimination bracketed tournament. Each team member will also receive an event t-shirt. There will be snacks, sandwiches, water & soda as concessions. We’re excited to also be offering door prizes as well as fantastic raffle prizes of all shapes and sizes!
  • Rain Date: TBD (Teams will be notified by 8am on September 9th if tournament is postponed for rain. No thunder, no lighting? No Flooding? Grab a poncho and Play On!)
  • Rule Updates/Clarifications for 2023: Runners do not need to be forced in, they advance as the hitter does. Any ball that passes the initial foul line but STOPS before the single line and is picked up clean (not dropped) by the fielder, is an out. 

Tournament Rules: 


  • No base running. Imaginary runners on base advance as hitter does.
  • Teams have at least 2 and no more than 5 players on their roster.
  • Teams field 3 players or less on defense, but may have up to 5 batters.
  • All fielders must bat.
  • Fielders can position as they wish in fair territory without obstructing batter.


  • Each game is 4 innings long.
  • If the game is tied after 4 innings, the 5th begins with the bases loaded.
  • Game is official after 3 innings, with a 10 run mercy rule after 3 innings.
  • The rules of MLB shall apply to all situations not covered in these rules.


  • A walk is 5 balls. Base-runners advance on a walk if forced over.
  • ANY combination of 3 fouls or strikes is an out.
  • A swing and a miss is not an out, unless it’s strike 3.
  • A pitch hitting the strike zone is a strike.
  • A pitched ball that hits the batter is a ball, the batter is not required to get out of the way of a ball that is going to hit them if they are in the strike zone, but they can not lean into the pitch to have it hit them.
    • For example:
      • A curve ball is coming in towards the batter and going to hit the strike zone, the batter does not move and the ball hits the batters shoulder – that is a ball
      • A curve ball is coming in towards the batter and going to hit the strike zone, the batter lowers their shoulder (even if it is slightly) into the pitch and is hit by the pitch – that is a strike. This call is made by the pitcher, if not agreed upon replay the pitch.
  • Line calls are made by the fielder closest to the play.
  • Pitcher makes check swing calls.


  • Only the official (baseball size) plastic wiffle ball with 8 elongated holes will be used.
  • No ball with a crack greater than 1/4″ may be used.
  • All balls are subject to approval by Tourney Staff.
  • Only official WIFFLE yellow plastic bats may be used.
  • Handles may be taped, but barrel must be unaltered.
  • Any bat is subject to approval of tourney staff.
  • All players must play bare handed. Batters may use a glove when batting.


  • Pitchers can pitch every other inning. A pitcher can be relieved in an inning by a player who did not pitch the previous inning.
  • Pitching speed is Medium (45 mph) or less, enforced by a Tourney staff member with calibrated eyes.
  • Penalty – Player may not pitch any more in that game plus the next game.
  • A team that feels a pitcher is exceeding the speed limit may request a Tourney staff member with really good eyes to evaluate and check speed.

THE FIELD OF PLAY(all dimensions approximate)

  • Pitching mound is 42′ from strike zone. Singles line is at 42′. Doubles line is at 65′. Home run line is 90′ to foul cones. 52′ between cones.
  • Strike Zone is 20″ by 30″ approximately 12″off the ground.


  • Any hit ball not passing the initial foul line. (The line drawn approx. 3 feet from the strike zone)
  • Ground ball outside of foul lines when reaching singles line.
  • Fly ball landing in foul ground, touched in foul ground, or going wide of foul poles.


  • Ground ball not fielded cleanly in front of singles line. Balls may be bobbled but can not hit the ground once they are touched.
  • Ground ball that reaches the singles line before being fielded. If the ball comes to a stop on the single line, it is a single.
  • Fair fly ball touched but not caught in front of singles line.


  • Fair ball reaching the doubles line in the air, but not the fence.


  • Any ball that is slapped back into play to prevent a home-run.


  • Fair Ball landing over the line. Fielders are able to jump out and swat a home-run ball back in fair territory (resulting in a triple or an out if caught by another fielder) but they may not catch a home-run ball and land over the home-run line.


  • Only in effect with runner on base. Fly ball caught and then IMMEDIATELY thrown to hit strike zone in the air. The penalty to missing the strike zone when going for a double play is all base runners on base at the time advance one base.


  • When a Captain protests a game, the other team’s Captain must be notified at the time the play under protest occurs and before the next pitch is made. Decisions of tourney staff are final.


  • Will not be tolerated. Penalties include but are not limited to: ejection from the game, forfeit of the game, or ejection from the tournament.